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08. Master in Biotechnology Management Online
IE Business School
The Master in Biotechnology Management is a 13-month program aimed at professionals who are unable to leave their places of residence and/or work for extended periods of time.
Each module consists of a 22-week online learning period, each opening and closing with face-to-face training periods. Each of the 3 face-to-face session lasts 2 weeks, with the first and third of these taking place at IE's campus in Madrid and the second in Boston, USA, a global hub of the biotechnology industry.
During the virtual periods you will be taught the business fundamentals and focus in on the more specialist skills and knowledge required of the professional manager within the biotechnology sector. The methodology is based on asynchronous sessions which allow an active discussion to be pursued regardless of your geographical location. Each session is open 24 hours-a-day allowing each person the freedom to manage their time and thus facilitate the individual’s active participation in the debate, as well as giving you ample time to formulate your opinions and arguments.
The face-to-face sessions work on the soft-skills essential to professional success as well as giving you a chance to meet your professors and classmates in person, as well as professionals from the sector.
The combination of case studies and teamwork with innovative online teaching methods creates a new, advanced, and culturally diverse platform for training global managers. through the program you will be exposed to an international network of professional contacts, equipping you with up-to-date specialized skills that will assist you throughout their career in the biotechnology industry.
The master focuses on the following aspects:

1. Legal issues and regulation of the life sciences industry.
2. Intellectual property in the life sciences industry.
3. Corporate social responsibility.
4. Industry and public sector interaction.
5. Business development, alliances & international negotiations.
6. Global industry and competition analysis.
7. Marketing strategy & planning.
8. Innovation and R&D management in the life sciences.
9. International capital markets and venture capital.
10. Project management workshop.
11. Entrepreneurship fundamentals.

The Master in Biotechnology Management online has a flexible structure that guarantees that all students will be able to follow the program regardless of their geographic location, personal commitments and professional obligations.


The methodology of the Master in Biotechnology Management focuses on real business case discussion and analysis of specialized issues. It is enhanced by the participants' experience and moderated by the professor in such a way as to foster decision-making and problem identification.

The virtual campus is the fundamental point of reference for the online activities that form a communication platform for group work and for the teacher-led online sessions. You will participate in online forums and discussions and have easy access to the comments, opinions and experiences of your professors and fellows, as well as general information on the program. These online forums will be active 24 hours-a-day allowing each person to better manage their time and facilitating active participation and contribution.
During the online periods, video-conferences by experienced industry professionals will also be available. These industry specialized conferences will provide a real insight into the biotech sector so that you learn how to practically apply the theories and techniques learnt during online classes.

Participants from all over the world can daily gain access to the Asynchronous Online Sessions (a mix of forums and multimedia tools), conducted at the participant’s convenience. These sessions are further strengthened by the three 1-2 week residential periods in Boston and Madrid.

Initially you will participate in a 2-week face-to-face period in Madrid, followed by the first online period, itself opening with studies in the fundamentals of management which focusses on courses such as: Cost Accounting and Management Control, Financial Accounting, Competitive Strategy, Biotech Industry Fundamentals, Legal Issues in Global Business, Operations & Quality in the Life Sciences, Marketing and Sales for the Biomedical Market, Economic Environment and the Economics of Healthcare, Organizational Behavior and Corporate Social Responsibility and the Life Sciences Firms. This period is followed by another face-to face session.

The second residential period will take place in Boston, the biotech capital of the world. Boston, which nests the largest concentration of biotech, pharma and related companies in the world, will allow our students to visit some of the most recognized companies, such us the Genzyme Center Corporate Headquarters, which combines innovative design and cutting-edge technology to achieve two goals: creating an exciting new workplace for more than 900 Genzyme employees, and setting a new standard in environmentally responsible architecture. Along this residential period, a series of conferences to focus on the latest issues and challenges that professionals face in the sector will take place in the Executive Conference Center at University Park Hotel@MIT. These conferences will be led and chaired by leaders from the sector, who will share their real-world experiences, knowledge, and expertise, keeping you up to date with the latest developments within it, as you expand your network of contacts within the industry itself.

The subsequent term will focus more on innovative thinking and specialized courses including: Intellectual Property in the Life Sciences Industry, Business Development in the Life Sciences, Regulation of the Life Sciences Industry Strategy Implementation & Uncertainty Management and Global Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences.

The course will end with a further residential session in Madrid, in which students can consolidate all the theory learnt.

The Master in Biotechnology Management focuses on the competencies and knowledge needed to turn the challenges in the biotechnology industry into growth opportunities and provides you with the specialized skills and knowledge to meet the demands of this complex industry.
Master in Biotechnology Management Online
Graduation Taught language
Master English
Course options
Full time, Distance study
Requirements / Application
- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
- Several years of work experience are expected although this requirement is flexible. Students must be working during their programs.
- Application form + 2 letters of recommendation + 3 essays
- GMAT (average: 680) or IE Admission Test
- Personal Interview
- Students whose native language is not English must submit a TOEFL score (260) or an equivalent certificate.

1. Application Form
This form provides the Admissions Committee with fundamental information when it comes to evaluating each application. It is therefore essential that detailed information is provided on relevant academic and professional achievements, together with aspirations, motivations and concerns that could play a role in your admission.
The application form is available online.

2. GMAT or IE Admissions Test
We require a valid GMAT or IE Admissions Test score.

3. Interview
Having evaluated the application form and additional documentation, the Admissions Committee may invite you to attend an interview.
The interview has a dual purpose: first, to examine in greater detail the data provided in the application on academic and professional background and motivation and second, to ascertain that your profile will stand you in good stead for the structure and demands of the program.
4. The Admissions Committee’s Decision
Following the interview, your application will be subject to a final analysis by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will evaluate all aspects of your candidature as a whole and will subsequently communicate its decision in writing to you.
Program Emphasis
IE’s objective is to train leaders in the fields of entrepreneurship, business management and corporate counsel - leaders who create collective value by instigating competitive business projects without losing sight of their responsibilities and commitments to their environment. The Global Network, driven by the latest advances in IT platforms, allows this master program to provide a global concept of learning.
IE seeks to turn all of its students into entrepreneurs, equip them with wide-ranging vision, and train them in the most cutting edge management techniques. You don't need to start a company to be an entrepreneur - entrepreneurship is a mindset! Entrepreneurs are innovative, they are not afraid of challenges, they see the world with different eyes, and they are constantly a step ahead of the game. IE is ideally positioned to instill and foster an entrepreneurial spirit, founded by a group of entrepreneurs more than thirty years ago, IE believes that entrepreneurship is a motor for innovation, growth, the creation of wealth, and - most importantly - the improvement of social well-being.
Tuition / Fees
€ 27,000 plus € 1,100
Important Dates
IE operates a rolling admissions process. We therefore do not have any deadlines for receiving applications. However, we recommend that candidates apply up to a year in advance in order to guarantee themselves a place on the program of their choice.
Duration of study
The Master in Biotechnology Management Online lasts 13 months, allowing students to study part-time whilst pursuing their careers.
Master, graduate
Admissions Department
+34 915 689 610
+34 915 689 710
Maria de Molina 11, 13, 15
28006 Madrid
Master in Biotechnology Management online students come from a variety of backgrounds. Candidates are expected to have a good Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

Average Age 25

Age range 23 - 35

Average work experience 3 years

Male / female ratio 1:1

EU / Europe 35%
North America 19%
Other America 26%
Asia & Australasia 7%
Africa & Middle East 7%
International students 88%
Financial Aid
There are many scholarships available to students studying at IE as well as other financial aid options, for more information please consult IE’s website.
Career perspective
IE Business School's graduates are in great demand by some of the world's strongest multinationals, cutting edge start-ups, consulting firms, financial institutions and many NGOs and not-for-profit organizations.
Over the past three decades, many of IE Business School's graduates have gone on to assume top positions in some of the world's most important corporations while others have established new enterprises, opened new markets and generated collective wealth in their communities.
We help students to fully exploit the skills gained on our course and rise to the challenges they will face in the labor market. We also provide them with all the information they need on the different professional options open to them on completion of the Master program.
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