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Saturday, 02.07.22
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Obtaining financial support for your studies can make all the difference! See below for information on scholarships and click on the Business School logos to find out about scholarships available at each school
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Some scholarships are available from the Business School themselves whilst others are donated by sources outside of the university or institution by, for example, associations and foundations or private donors. Scholarship decisions for those awarded directly by the Business School are made by the scholarship and loan committee.
Be aware the level of support offered by each scholarship may vary. Some cover only tuition fees in order to provide support to as many students as possible, others cover living expenses and others both. These in turn can be spilt into fully funded and part funded scholarships depending on the percentage of each cost the scholarship covers. Some scholarships are also fixed amounts which can be used at the discretion of the student for the purpose of study. Nonetheless, whatever form the scholarship takes it can greatly decrease the financial burden of studying.
The conditions of receiving a scholarship will vary from award to award. Some may be only for a specific institution or university whilst others will be awarded to students for use at the institution or university of their choice. Scholarships can also be awarded with a number of criterions: they may be awarded based on achievements academically or in extracurricular activities, based on financial need or on professional experience. These criterions can also be combined: for example if two applicants for the same scholarship have similar levels of achievement the scholarship may be award to the one with the greater financial need.
Some company scholarships are also made with the condition of remaining in employment with the donor company after graduation. Others may also be associated with other conditions. For example if a student chooses to study abroad a condition may be that they return to their home country after graduation in order to contribute to socio-economic development in that country as a result of the skills they have learnt whilst abroad.
Application processes vary between scholarships. These may involve application essays, letters of recommendation from employers, lecturers or professors, interviews or assessment days. Be careful that you fulfill all criterions for application before applying and that you supply all the paperwork required. Scholarship applications are often very competitive and you should create the best first impression that you can in order to increase your chances of receiving the scholarship.
These Business Schools offer scholarship:
Norwegian School of EconomicsThe University of Western AustraliaWU Executive Academy
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