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Welcome to our Business School Partners section!
Here you can find detailed information on Business Schools and their programmes: Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, Doctorates and much more.
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BI Norwegian Business School
Other Information
Bachelor of Business Administration 2010
Bachelor of Shipping and Finance 2010
Executive MBA 2010-2011
Executive MBA Shipping, Offshore and Finance
Executive MBA in Energy Management
Executive MBA in Shipping, Offshore and Finance
Executive Master in Energy Management 2010-2011
MBA 2009
Master of Science 2010
Among the Best-known Business Schools in Europe
Increasing Numbers of International Master Students at BI
New energy programme at BI
Record number of new students at BI
Taking a global position in a global industry: BI launched new programme Bachelor of Shipping and Finance
Training in start-up enterprises
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Other Information
Recruiters Guide
Study Programmes
01. Bachelor of Business Administration
02. Bachelor of Shipping Management
03. Master of Science in Business and Economics
04. Master of Science in Financial Economics
05. Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
06. Master of Science in International Management
07. Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Management
08. Master of Science in Leadership and Organisational Psychology
09. Master of Science in Political Economy
10. Executive Master of Management in Energy
11. Executive MBA in Energy Management
12. Executive MBA
13. Executive MBA in Shipping, Offshore and Finance

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