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Welcome to our Business School Partners section!
Here you can find detailed information on Business Schools and their programmes: Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, Doctorates and much more.
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Norwegian School of Economics
Business School Portrait
Established as a public institution in 1936, NHH (the Norwegian School of Economics) is Norway’s leading business school. It is the first choice for Norwegian students and for the Norwegian business community.

Close to 3,000 students study across a range of Bachelor, Master and PhD. programmes in economics, management, accounting and business analysis.

NHH has a faculty of high standing in the international research community. As a member of CEMS (Community of European Management Schools) and PIM (Partnership in International Management) the school is part of a global network of institutions that represent the highest degree of excellence in the fields of business administration and management, and demonstrate leadership in their geographic region. Faculty members are actively involved in international research networks, and the school hosts a number of international workshops every year.

EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation reinforces a strongly held belief that excellence in research is a prerequisite for excellence in teaching.

The NHH group supports a number of research centres in partnership with other research institutions and organisations. These are:
• Centre for Advanced Studies in Economics
• Centre for Economic Policy
• Centre for Fisheries Economics
• Centre for Strategy and Management
• Centre for Financial Economics
• Centre for Ethics and Economy

NHH has a core faculty of 133 and an adjunct faculty of 35 including 2004 Nobel Prize Winner Finn E. Kydland.

Statistics of Employment Rates
The unemployment rate for NHH graduates in 2011 was 2% six months after graduation and 75% found a relevant job before they graduated from the school.
Still it is the fact that graduate average salary ranks amongst the best for masters programmes in Europe. Regarding “Value for money” the school is ranked as number 13 in the FT ranking.

Requirements / Application

NHH is an elite institution, which recruits only the best students from both within and outside Norway to its various study programmes. As a national and international institution, our students are drawn from all over the world.
Competition for admission to NHH is tough, with only one in eight applicants being offered a place to study in one of our international master’s programmes, and the students who are admitted must have excellent academic qualifications. The students' solid academic background and their interest in their chosen programme of study, as well as the quality of the MSc programme itself and the faculty, create a unique and stimulating learning environment for both teachers and students

Bachelor degree
Admission is based on a university degree of at least three years of study beyond Norwegian minimum requirements for entrance to higher education with satisfactory results. Applicants must have at least one and a half years of previous study in economics and business administration

In character with the high academic standards at NHH, we require good GMAT or GRE scores from applicants. The minimum test scores to be considered for admission are:
• GMAT - a total score of 600 points
• GRE - on the new scale: 152 on the Quantitative reasoning section, on the old scale: 660 points on the Quantitative reasoning section*
GMAT and GRE scores must be from within the last five years. More information is available on the GMAT here, and on the GRE here. The GMAT Program code is 7KZ-ZK-01. The NHH GRE code is 0686.
Some applicants may be exempted from the GMAT/GRE-requirement.

Students are required to have a good command of the English language. The following applicants will be judged as having met this standard:
• Applicants whose native language is English
• Applicants that have two years or more of higher education where the language of tuition was English
• Applicants from a country which is a member of the EU/EEA and/or the Council of Europe/UNESCO-Cepes and have English as the first foreign language taken over a period of at least 7 years in primary, secondary school and upper secondary education
All other applicants must take either TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum standard for test scores that NHH accepts are:
• TOEFL - a total score of 575 points for the written test or 233 for the computer-based version or 90 points on the internet based test
• IELTS- a score of 6.5
Norwegian School of Economics
Financial Aid
In Norway the best education is free. The core Norwegian cultural values of fairness and equality combined with the benefit of the wealth provided by North Sea oil, has led to the state in Norway funding a high quality higher education sector. The Norwegian government sets high standards for educational institutions to follow in return for covering their costs.
No application, admission or tuition fees.
Beyond the provision of free tuition, NHH does not offer any scholarships or other forms of financial support to students or applicants. Students must be able to finance the cost of their living expenses during their period of study at NHH. Such assistance must be arranged by the students through official channels in their home countries, or through some international organisations. Information on some of the opportunities available to international students studying at NHH is set out at this site: click here
Office of Student and Academic Affairs
+47 55 95 92 00
+47 55 95 95 65
Helleveien 30
5045 Bergen
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