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Welcome to our Business School Partners section!
Here you can find detailed information on Business Schools and their programmes: Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, Doctorates and much more.
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Entrance Scholarship
Entrance scholarship will be awarded to the most outstanding candidates. Both local and international applicants have equal chance to be considered. Applicants are automatically considered for entrance scholarship, so it is an advantage to submit applications early. In a typical school year, scholarship will be awarded to about 20% to 30% of the incoming students.

Merit-based Scholarship
Through the generous support of individuals, alumni, business firms and organizations in Hong Kong, a number of scholarships, bursaries and awards are offered to outstanding students based on their academic performance and contributions while at CUMBA.

For Full-time MBA students

* AmCham Charitable Foundation Scholar Award
* Anonymous Scholarship
* BOCHK Charitable Foundation –
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Scholarships
* Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society Scholarship
* Hong Kong Financial Womens Association Scholarship
* MBA Alumni Association Award
* Mong Man Wai Scholarship
* Professor Hsin Sutu Memorial Scholarship
* Professor H. Sutu Prize
* Sun Hung Kai Properties Scholarship
* T.S. Tong & Co. Scholastic Achievement Award
* Yeh Yui Fong Scholarship

For Part-time MBA students

* D.H. Chen Foundation Scholarship
* Professor H. Sutu Prizes
* Sun Hung Kai Properties Scholarship

Continuing Education Fund
Hong Kong residents Hong Kong residents who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction are eligible to apply for the Continuing Education Fund (CEF). For details regarding eligibility and application procedures, please visit CEF website at http://www.sfaa.gov.hk/cef/intro.htm
CUMBA Programmes are listed as a reimbursement course under the Continuing Education Fund, providing reimbursement of up to HK$10,000 to those who fulfill the criteria.

Non-means Tested Loan Scheme
he Non-means Tested Loan Scheme (NLS) provides financial assistance in the form of loan to eligible students. For details regarding eligibility and application procedures, please visit NLS’s website at http://www.sfaa.gov.hk/eng/schemes/nlss.htm

The NLS operates on a full cost-recovery basis. Interest is charged at the HKSAR Government’s no-gain-no-loss rate which is currently set at 2.451% below the average best lending rate of the note-issuing banks, plus a risk-adjusted factor which seeks to cover the Government’s risk in disbursing unsecured loan once the loan is drawn down and throughout the repayment period until the NLS loan is fully repaid.
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